Bekka Fulkerson

Bekka Fulkerson, LMT, is a graduate of the Academy of Professional Careers in Boise, ID, and has been practicing massage therapy in Yuma for over five years. Bekka specializes in Swedish, deep tissue, and reflexology, and has a specialization in Polarity Therapy. Bekka is completing her Bachelor's of Social Work at Northern Arizona University.

Often, stress can lodge itself in the body, causing different health problems such as neck or back pain, headaches and insomnia. By combining aspects from different bodywork therapies with active listening in a supportive, therapeutic environment, Bekka creates a unique treatment based on the individual's needs.

Teresa Nunnaley

Teresa Nunnaley, LMT has been practicing massage therapy and been an integral member of the alternative medicine community for over 25 years. She is a certified Qi Gong instructor and teaches meditation and Emotional Freedom Technique. Teresa specializes in the following massage modalities:

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